The Residences

Conservation Homesites & Cottages

Mirasol Springs will support only 55 conservation homesites and 30 cottages on the property’s 1,400 acres. These homesites, through careful design and developmental guidelines, will create a low density development with specific building envelopes that will protect the land for generations.

Mirasol Springs homesites map
Home Sites view of the Pedernales River

Properties will have carefully enforced deed restrictions and an architectural review committee that ensures projects are uniquely compatible with the environment. These guidelines will include lot clearing that prioritizes tree preservation, strategic management of storm water and control of water use, including required rainwater collection systems and recycling best practices.

Conservation homesites will be carefully placed across the 1,400 acres and assemble a complete environment for Mirasol Springs that include signage, lighting that is dark skies compliant, foot bridges, gates, walls, trail markers and roadways that are minimally invasive. Mirasol Springs will speak the language of local design aesthetics to inform how it is executed.