The Inn

Boutique Luxury Hotel

Managed by Auberge Resorts Collection

The Inn will be a one-of-a-kind, luxury hotel that serves as the centerpiece for the Mirasol Springs conservation development. Auberge Resorts Collection will bring its local-first philosophy and its renowned high level of personal service to the hotel, creating an experience unlike any other in Hill Country.

Mirasol Springs architecture rooms
Mirasol Springs architecture doors

The Inn

Auberge Resorts Collection

Intentionally designed to occupy a small footprint of the property, the Inn has been laid out to evoke a sense of space, a seamless integration to the surrounding environment. The lodging will be an unbundled group of buildings that delicately sit in the hillsides. The Inn is designed to be approximately 70 guest rooms.

Visitors will enjoy expansive views of the Pedernales River and Hill Country that do not impose on the view corridor, but will enhance the opportunity to enjoy it. The entirety of the property including homes, buildings, roads and trails, will layer into the natural systems so as not to disrupt the majesty of the site.

Mirasol Springs farmhouse rendering

The Farm

The heartbeat of Mirasol Springs is the 15 acre farm, strategically placed at the center of the Inn property to educate all visitors on the importance of sustainable farming. This area will also host the Activity Center where visitors can take advantage of equestrian experiences, tree house exploration, access to the Pedernales River, and other outdoor activities.

The farm and adjacent orchard will produce organic food to be used onsite. Through sustainable bio-intensive farming, the food will be grown using less water than traditional farming practices, and requires no supplemental fertilizers or synthetic chemical pesticides. Year-round production of fruits, vegetables and fresh eggs will provide fresh, nutritious food for guests of the Inn.

Additional amenities at the Inn will include:

Mirasol Springs garden
Agriculture experiences
Mirasol Springs fine dining
Farm to table dining and cooking classes
Mirasol Springs running trails
Hike and bike trails
Mirasol Springs horseback riding
Horseback riding and trails
Mirasol Springs fishing
Swimming and fishing ponds
Mirasol Springs outdoor entertainment
Artistic expression and celebratory gatherings
Mirasol Springs stargazing night sky
Stargazing and bird watching
Mirasol Springs kayaking
Non-motorized boating, kayaking and canoeing
Mirasol Springs spa
Spa, wellness, heath and yoga
Mirasol Springs live music
Art and music

The architecture, hospitality and landscape of the Inn will be driven by the pursuit of indoor-outdoor experience, rooted in land preservation and self-wellness.