The University of Texas Field Station

The University of Texas Hill Country Field Station for Biodiversity Research

A driving force behind Mirasol Springs is a commitment to educate its guests, visitors, and homeowners on how to respect and appreciate the land and, in particular, the Texas Hill Country. Mirasol Springs, in partnership with The University of Texas, will establish the University of Texas Hill Country Field Station for biodiversity research.

The field station will serve as an anchor for the environmental stewardship that the property represents and will strengthen the University’s field station network across the state to conduct world-class research, setting the stage for long-term studies and data collection on biodiversity and land management throughout the state. The field station will feature research and teaching labs, cabins for faculty and students, and create dedicated land for biodiversity research.

The University of Texas Hill Country Field Station will conduct research in the following areas: biodiversity and genomics, including understanding the factors the drive and control biodiversity; land and fire management, including practical applications for conservation and restoration; understanding how ecosystems change over time; and long-term studies of interaction among plants, arthropods and vertebrates, with special attention to the flora and fauna of the landscape.